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    Copyright 2010 Thomas B. Macy
RUINED Nook devices read ePub files; Kindles read Mobi files.

To download to a Nook device:
* If you have a tablet, download the ePub file to your device. It will go to the Download folder.
* In your Nook app, do an Import.
* Select the Download folder.
* Select the downloaded book.
* This will put the downloaded book into your library.

To download to a Kindle device:
*   The book needs to be downloaded and moved to the BOOKS folder.
*   Download to a computer.
*   Connect your Kindle to the computer.
*   Use Windows Explorer to Copy the downloaded Mobi file.
*   Navigate to the Books folder under Internal Storage on your Kindle device.
*   Paste the book into that folder.

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