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Courage of Your Faith Short stories from our Baptist history set the stage for the study of issues as relevant today as they were then. You will be challenged and you will be surprised by what stands our forefathers took and by the impact they had.
Today, "denomination" has lost significance. "Christian" seems more appropriate as we seek to minimize differences. Yet looking at Baptist History, as in this study, teaches us something of what it means to be a Christian and the role Baptists had in making the world what is today.
Short StoriesThis is a collection of short stories of varying length. These can be read on-line with no cost.
Story Planner Tools Software to help the author with story structure, syntax, emotions, and more.
First Fury Ann wants to kill Caleb. In 1848, with promises of marriage, Caleb convinces 17 year old Ann to leave her parents' home near Rochester, New York. They travel the Erie Canal as far as Port Gibson, where he leaves her alone and unmarried, a "ruined" woman. Bitterness overcomes her and she decides to hunt him down and kill him. Ann's anger drives her to follow Caleb into the whaling industry.

This novel tells the story of redemption out of bitterness. It is based on the true account of Rebecca Ann Johnson's service on the whaling ship, the Christopher Mitchel. This web site includes 1) evidence concerning the truth of this story, 2) pictures related to the story, and 3) references used during the writing of the work.

Till Her Heart Dances The third and last book in the Fury trilogy follows Ann and her friends as they travel from the gold fields to their homes in the east. Dangers on the way threaten their lives while emotional trial threaten to tear these friends apart. Based in part on the C. S. Lewis's The Four Loves, this book shows the interplay of various kinds of love.

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