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    Copyright 2010 Thomas B. Macy

RUINED, second book in the Fury series, continues Ann's story in a fictional plot that finds Ann in California for the gold rush.

Ann and Bekah forge an unlikely bond in tragic circumstances. When twelve-year-old Bekah is abandoned by her father after her mother passes away, Ann adopts the girl into her life. Just as they are planning to head East, Bekah’s father returns and coaxes his daughter back to  him; but life with her dad is far from ideal. After hearing of the abuse Bekah is suffering, Ann embarks on a treacherous journey to rescue her. Will the pair be able to overcome all their trials and meet again?

The Pictures, Notes, Docs, etc. link above includes
  1. documents concerning history of the era,
  2. pictures related to the story, and
  3. references used during the writing of the work.
5 Star
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For $5, RUINED can be purchased here in ePub (for Nooks and other eReaders), Mobi (for Kindles), or PDF format. (See how to read a downloaded eBook.) Enjoy the other links on this page pertaining to the remarkable adventure of Rebecah Ann Johnson. For documentation of Ann's journey on the Christopher Mitchel whaling ship, go to First Fury.

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